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July 9, 2020:

Do you ever get tired of the “fortunate few”? Those who seem to have good luck coming out of their ass at every turn, like that guy who just won the grand prize in the lotto twice in less than five years (I mean, what the…). Does it sound like I’m complaining? I guess I am, but hey, it’s my blog so fuck it.

When I first started writing about this “Journey”, I figured it would read like a diary. A weekly accounting of the day to day undertakings of an aspiring artist (yup, that’s me. Mr. Artiste), but from the very beginning I also knew it would never be about the talent side (mostly because you actually have to have some). Everything that I ever sought to accomplish in life came as a result of hard work, elbow grease, and the good old fashion school of hard knocks (god, I sound like a dinosaur), but that’s what I’m trying to write about (not dinosaur’s, hard work).

Though I did expect the transition to retirement to be a bit of a challenge, I have to admit that the last several months (given of course the current set of circumstances), have proven to be a bit more taxing than I originally figured. I guess being cooped up more than normal brings on a certain set of other issues that no amount of distortion, or reverb on the old Fender Deluxe is going to make go away. Such is life though, but to quote a prehistoric Sonny and Cher song (and date myself yet again), “the beat goes on”.

I spend a good amount of time and energy working on my guitar skills, meeting and playing with other musicians (pre-Covid). I’ve taken plenty of acting classes and have auditioned numerous times (all online these days) for different roles (with or without my agents help). I’ve also taken writing classes (in the past) and have attended conferences related to publishing books (I’ve actually written a couple, which are in desperate need of serious professional editing).

But there’s not much point in putting in all of this effort if I am not going to do anything with it, and that’s where it pays to have “friends in low places”. Okay, I know that’s a line in a Garth Brooks tune, but I don’t know any “fortunate few”(like say…the useless, but rich Kardashians) that can fund my enterprise. So, I’m going the traditional route. I’m entering a contest.

As I’ve said, I have some good friends (mentors, if you will) and one of them advised me of a contest being run on a radio station that will award a decent amount of money ($20,000) to the winner of an original tune and video submitted before the end of the month. So, my partner in music and myself decided “Why not?”. I mean, no one has ever gotten anywhere by just sitting around and doing nothing, right? Except for maybe lotto winners.

To get anywhere in life and truly appreciate it, it has to be earned. I believe that, and it’s a lesson I try to pass on to my kids as they get ready to tackle the world and come to realize just how full of shit it really is, but as I say, if you’re willing to put in the effort, sometimes doors will creak open.

There is a delicate balance going on right now though between getting back to normal and keeping things tight (it’s Risky Business out there). I’d like to think, however, from what I’ve been hearing on the news that Canada is “Winning!”, and as such I’ve put out some feelers and am going to begin the process of stringing together another band.

I have to be out of my mind, don’t cha think? But, to quote yet another line from yet another movie, “Sometimes, you just have to say what the fuck!” Because, you never can tell, maybe one day I’ll join the ranks of the “fortunate few”.

Here's an acoustic version of the song we're submitting called Lies. You'll have to wait to see the full band version. Dan, the lead singer is rockin' this one though at our friend Ted's studio. What a great place to play.

Until next time.

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