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Dec 11, 2019:

Something that I need to get better at, but I know will be a struggle, is selling myself. Persistent posting on social media is definitely a thing for people who want to peddle their brand but for me it feels a bit awkward. I say a bit but it’s more like a lot. I’m not sure if the struggle is with selling my brand or with trying to figure out what kind of brand I’m selling. I mean what am I? Am I an actor? A writer? A musician? Maybe I’m all three, but whatever I am I need to be consistent about it.

Cash is King is a common saying, but I think Consistency is King is a good one too. Whether it’s playing golf or learning a musical instrument unless I am practicing all the time consistency in performance takes a hit. I can know a song inside and out one day, but if I haven’t played it in several days there’s a strong likelihood that I will forget a chord change or a lyric and as for golf…eeesh!

The thing that I know works for me is simply practicing all the time, but that’s why I can’t help but wonder sometimes if other actors/writers/musicians ever do any of their own housework? I mean between going to the gym, the three-hour guitar sessions, acting classes, building a website and trying to get a blog out once a week along with doing open mics, improvs and casting calls there’s not a lot of time left over for cooking, cleaning, yard work…you know…your basic domestic chores.

Fortunately, or maybe not, with Christmas just around the corner some of these things are slowing down like casting calls and one of my acting classes is finished and the other finishes up next Monday. I start some new classes next year and I will probably pick up some guitar lessons while I’m at it as well. The ball keeps rolling.

I got an email the other day from the host of the last open mic that I was at informing me that another participant was interested in getting together with me to perhaps start up another project. I got in touch with the individual and sounds like we’re going to get together and discuss some ideas. I’m quite excited about the opportunity because you never know until you try as to how far you can go with something like this.

My new gym regimen is working out well for strengthening my shoulder, but I can still feel those tattered tendons twanging around in there. The shoulder is gradually improving, but I haven’t had a good night’s sleep since the injury, no matter how drunk I get. Just kidding, ever since I got off the wine at the beginning of this year, I really don’t drink that much at all anymore save for a glass or two of Bombay Sapphire and soda on occasion.

I was in acting class the other day playing the role of Santa, yes Santa, well…corporate Santa in a scene with my acting partner, a young eighteen-year-old playing my daughter Cassandra from the movie Santa Girl. She’s my succession plan but she’s not interested (damn Millennials). I was talking to her between takes about a musical play she’s been working on for next year and I find out she’s a writer, singer, actor, and multi-instrumentalist. I think I’ll be taking whatever advice I can from her.

The learning curve for me is always quite steep especially when it comes to absorbing something I’ve never done before, but one has to start somewhere. I’ve learned from past experiences that practicing consistently even when I’m questioning my own motivations will at least keep me prepared for whatever opportunity might present itself. I’m just going to throw those metaphorical oars in the water and keep rowing until I hit something.

Until next time.

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