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Isn't Ironic

April23, 2020:

I wanted to start my blog this week by saying that my heart, and as I’m certain the hearts of every Canadian (or friend of Canada) anywhere in the world goes out to the people of Nova Scotia and anyone connected in any way to the tragedy that occurred a few days back. I am thankful that all of my family living back east is safe and continuing to take steps to remain that way and I am hopeful the same can be said for all of you and yours.

There are a lot of nutbars out there in the world. Unfortunately, one probably doesn’t have to go very far to come across an example (just look to the south), but hopefully never again like the other day. Is it just me or does it seem as though the world is spiraling more and more out of control with every passing second? Okay, moving on.

Get down, get up, get down, get up again. Sounds like a disco record, but I’m referring to going to bed at night and getting up in the morning. The hours, days, and weeks are blending together into one long period of time. Staying motivated and trying to fill the gaps between eating and sleeping and whatever else one might be into at home is starting to become a bit of a challenge. It’s ironic how tiring it is just to try and relax. Did I use the term ironic correctly?

Endeavoring to find the positives in a world full of negatives is becoming a bit of a contest as well. It’s not that I’m looking to say anything that somehow makes me seem any more progressively intelligent or insightful than the next guy. I think we’ve already crossed that “no talent” bridge to the land of “average”. All I’m attempting to do is express my thoughts in an optimistic (whenever possible), creative, interesting and maybe somewhat humorous way, but I do struggle at times to find the comedy in this Three Ring Circus (more irony?) that we’re living in.

I have learned some new terms though. One is called “Doom Scrolling”, which I believe refers to people constantly and obsessively reading social media, searching for and buying into all of the mostly inaccurate and negative propaganda that’s constantly being churned out by anonymous trolls and bots online. It probably doesn’t help either that most TV news stations start every freaking program with the term “Breaking News”, as though this next news item is going to be the "hill that you’re going to want to die on".

The other term I’ve learned (actually, I think I invented it but I’m not really sure), is called the “Zoom Boom”. Sure, you can find the expression used on the internet in various ways (okay, that’s funny), but I’m applying it to the ever-increasing use of the App called Zoom. Not just in the day to day practice of video conferencing online, but also for other applications such as teaching classes, course offerings and general socializing. I’m looking to try it this weekend to see if I can practice guitar with my buddy. Naturally though, hackers (creative assholes) have found a way to get into your personal stuff through this App, so be careful.

As I’ve mentioned (more than once I’m sure), I’m probably not the guy that’s going to write something prolific that’s going to get viral attention (at least not intentionally). I’m not the guy that’s going to post a one minute video on TikTok doing the latest dance maneuver, or performing some amazing guitar solo (some of these guys are truly incredible), or even doing a daring back flip off of a steep cliff into some unknown body of water (there’s something seriously wrong with these people), but I’m also not the guy that’s going to post a picture or video of me and my entitled family sitting by our monster pool in our Bel-Air mansion watching our teenage daughter and her friends frolic around during what is supposed to be a period of social isolation. Or, hanging out with our many friends (sarcasm, not irony) on an exclusive yacht somewhere hot (although, if invited??).

I’m just a guy that’s going to give you a weekly three to four-minute contribution (sorry) that hopefully expresses my humble belief that good fortune is a sliding scale measured against (I think anyways) times like these. The feeling of “getting ahead” in life is a definite sentiment that I appreciate, as I’m sure everybody else does as well, and it certainly doesn’t feel like anybody is getting anywhere right now, but sometimes 'good health' and 'general well-being' is “Gold Jerry!”. How ironic.

Until next time.

P.S. Thanks for reading.

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