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La Di Da

July 23, 2020:

The other day I watched a stage play called “Hamilton”, a successful Broadway musical that was also filmed for viewing on one of the streaming networks. It was a very impressive show, but I think what I liked most about it was the composition which in my humble opinion, will always be the make or break when it comes to musicals. Not only was the writing very good, but the songs were delivered in a rap style format that, for me anyways, was an interesting departure from most any other musical that I had ever witnessed (Mamma Mia anybody?).

The show, of course, is based on one of the lesser known founding fathers of the United States of America, Alexander Hamilton. Aside from the odd lyric that stood out from the enormous multitude of others, I was able to mostly follow along Hamilton’s biographical tale via the epic and captivating visual story that accompanied the compelling melodies.

And so I thought to myself, I thought self, “Maybe it would be interesting if I could write my own rap style song detailing my own biographical life”. it goes.

I was born in 1963, the year they shot John F Kennedy. Crossed the Rockies via train in the seventies with apparent ease and no disparities.

Lived in a ‘hood called East Vancouver. Had to be sharp, know when to maneuver. Nothing but trouble, sometimes could be double, better watch your back or you’d be tasting the rubble.

La da da da daaa la di da di daaa. (This is the part where the British King sings in the play [I’m sampling it] you would understand if you watched it).

School was a joke, where I learned how to smoke, and to skip a lame class, get some teen ass, sounds kind of crass, but I stopped going to mass, because alas I’d rather lay in the grass.

Working young, with a bitter tongue, the best I could do was bottom rung. Lived on my own before I was twenty, lean times and bad rhymes of that there was plenty.

Started playing guitar, couldn’t get very far, didn’t have a car like the son of a star. It didn’t help hanging out at the bar.

La da da da daaa la di da di daaa.

Yeah, I made my mistakes, had some bad breaks, body aches, thinking like I could win the sweepstakes.

Been let down time and again. Those days of just paper and pen. No one will hurt you more than a friend. A lesson I should have learned back then. Couldn’t figure it out, had plenty of doubt, trying to learn all there was and what life was about.

But I turned it around, my commitment was sound, hours of work and there was lots to be found. Married with boys, acquired some toys, living the joys, making some noise.

La da da da daaa la di da di daaa

Put in the time and saved me a dime, belief and faith in my paradigm. Kept plucking along to the same old song until the scheduled day the bell went gong. And now I’m back, but not in black, just letting you know that’s where I’m at.

Yeah, I think too much, maybe out of touch, a double clutch, but I’m changing gears like Starsky and Hutch and when shove comes to push, I’ll take the two in the bush, ‘cause livin’ ain’t easy, dyin’ is cush, and it’ll come like a sudden ambush.

Don’t need no sensation, nor any validation, Covid isolation is bringing frustration, can you feel my situation, I just need some medication.

La da da da daaa la di da di daaa…

Until next time.

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