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October 31, 2020:

It’s been a while since my last post, I know. Time just keeps on ticking though, regardless of life’s little setbacks or obstacles. We’re all just trying to make our way through this Covid crap, but it seems no matter how many days, weeks, months we put behind us we just can’t seem to shake the albatross hanging around our necks. I know what you’re thinking, am I referring to Covid or Trump? Well both really, but I think that there will be long term lingering effects for each.

While continuing to recover from my shoulder surgery, I started moving forward with my partner Friesen Press in getting my first book Misty Lake published. So far, it’s been quite the journey and learning curve, but who said it was going to be easy. Though the release date is set for next July, from everything I’m reading I’m supposed to start building up demand for it now.

I’ve never been good (at all) at shameless self-promotion and it’s not something I really want to do, but I’ve been listening to podcasts (The Authors Hangout would be one, although it would seem they are no longer live – there are many others), and trying to hook up with writers groups on line to figure out how to go about setting up things like email lists and getting readers to subscribe to my site so I can keep them informed and anticipating the release of my new book (queue eye roll here).

Social media, in my humble opinion, is a double-edged sword, used as much for marketing on the one hand, while trying not to drown in it on the other. It can be an overwhelming process attempting to keep up on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and all of those other social media sites I don’t even know exist, but will no doubt find out about moving forward. I’ve never been that kind of person and yet that’s the direction I’m pointed in.

While I go through this process, I have a second book (a serial, currently titled Iris) on the backburner, while I continue towards writing my third (Daved Granier). This is not to say that I’ve stopped playing music, because I’m back baby! Now that the sling is off of my shoulder I am practicing again and looking forward to a time when maybe my partner and I can do some open mics. Hopefully, before I need a walker to get on and off the stage.

The road to creative self-discovery is long (never ending really), and winding, with plenty of hiccups and distractions that can sideline you along the way (like a flat tire needing to be changed), or in my case with the old grey mare (no, not my wife, but my trusty steed that takes me along my inspired journey) perhaps needing a new shoe once in a while, but focus is the key to staying, and or getting back on track, as well as (obviously), the desire to keep going (even after getting kicked in the metaphorical nut sack time and again).

You may notice if you read my blog, that I will be making subtle changes to the formatting of my website as I try to gear up towards generating interest in the promotion of Misty Lake. In some ways it’s quite disparaging as there are an incredible amount of very good authors out there who have so much more to offer in terms of free stuff for subscribing to their sites. In fact, it’s been suggested by some that in order to build up a following one should give away their first book. All that work and cost to just give it away. Really? Crazy right?

All I know for now is that over the next several weeks I’ll be looking for beta readers and possibly some cover design input and if that’s something you’re interested in helping me out with then subscribe to my site using the subscribe link below, to receive my blogs directly into your email box. Even if you’ve subscribed before use this box below so I can test its effectiveness.

As a reward for signing up, I promise that if I win the grand prize lotto max I will draw a name and pay off your mortgage (as long as it’s reasonable. lol). How’s that for some shameless self-promotion?

Until next time.

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