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Misty Lake

Misty Lake

A suspenseful story about the powerful friendship between two women pitted against a psychopathic killer.


Barbara Munroe is a middle-aged woman who has given up on the dreams of her youth in favour of marriage and family. She loves spending time up at the cabin on Misty Lake with her husband Bill, a senior executive in the shipping industry, and her two teenage children Allison and Dylan. She also enjoys working out with her best friend since university Mary Thompson. Barbara's life is comfortable and settled until a little fender bender introduces her to Sheryl Walters, a newly divorced mother of two similar aged children who has recently moved into the neighbourhood. They become fast friends, but over time Barbara finds herself becoming increasingly paranoid as her once stable environment begins to unravel and she starts to question her own choices. When the truth is revealed Barbara finds her family is threatened, her husband Bill is not the man she thought he was, and her best friend Mary's life is in mortal danger. In order to save them all she must rekindle her past to find the determined woman she had so readily given up on. Can she do it in time? Find out in the explosive climax up at Misty Lake.

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